X-IvAp not compatible with Vulkan / Metal!

There are various complaints, that X-Plane 11.5X does not show other planes when using X-IvAp and you have Vulkan/ Metal enabled.

This does not work and will not work.

You have two possibilites:

1. Use X-IvAP and keep Vulkan/Metal deaktivated

2. Use Swift (which is the better oppurtunity)

The installation and configuration of Swift is explained in our Forum


Connections with MSFS 2020 are possible now

Since the new version of Swift, you may connect with the new MSFS to our server:



Server Movement today at 12:00 CET

Today we will switch to the new server. You can find the IP in our forum. The server will not be available for about 1h.


X-FlightServer.net has a forum now!

After careful consideration, I decided to install a forum again.

It's online, just take a look in the member menue!


TS3 Server

As promised, we have installed a TS3 Server.
Server: x-flightserver.net
Password: Look at your "edit your accout" page and choose "resend my memberdetails"




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Pilots Online: 3
Total Flights: 11478

Flights today: 3

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