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New: X-FlightServer.net IFR World Tour 2012 



Yesterday I tried to repair the server - admin tool - which is not usable since last year. The result ----> Crash :-)

I am almost ready with the new installation. I think at least you will be able to login again tomorrow.

Multiple Logins

Once again:

We do not accept multiple logins!! It's really not necessary to fly with more than one identity.

In the future, we will fix this in the servercode. As a quick fix (perhaps today or tomorrow), we will not count a second identity in the logger.

New Forum online

Due to many whishes ... The forum is back.

We have installed a new forum software.

The new beta clients for windows and linux are available there. Mac will follow hopefully soon.

Have fun ...

Best comment

Next World Tour, I will donate a price. For the best comment.

This tour, the winner would have been Sebu:

- had to overnight in Kuwait due to an angry wife :( -

Made my day ...

And the third winner is ...

... Bernd Sieker!

Glückwunsch Bernd zum Dreamliner!

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