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In the last weeks, we have performed many tests with the Swift Client on It worked very well with P3D/Windows, FSX/Windows, X-Plane/Mac, X-Plane/Windows and X-Plane/Linux.

The best result for X-Plane was, to use the latest beta of the client, but the latest alpha for the xSwiftBus. There is a warning int the gui, but you can ignore it.



New Homepage almost finished

As you can see, our site has been "refreshed".
We have a few new features. Have fun!

To be done:
- Possibility to delete your account
- Resend acccount data
- Top 10 Pilots


It wa a really busy year. But as promised, your flown hours after the crash are tracked.

Just take a look at the members page, you will see all of your flights by clicking your CID.

A lot of features will follow.

Stay tuned!

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